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When a dispute occurs between business entities, it can quickly become a serious situation. If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably and needs to go to litigation, the stakes are high. Unless these cases are handled by experienced lawyers, a business’s bottom line can be destroyed by protracted litigation. It is critical in this situation to work with a legal team you can trust to provide the best chance at bringing about a favorable resolution to the dispute.

At Brent Blackstock PLC, we have deep roots in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our lead attorney, Brent Blackstock, has 40 years of legal experience. Our entire team of attorneys focuses on handling everything from tort claims for individuals to the most complex business and commercial litigation claims. With our unified team approach and a history of success, we have earned the respect and trust of our clients. Our firm proudly represents businesses and individuals in Oklahoma and Texas.

Comprehensive Litigation Services

We represent clients in the oil and gas industry and any other type of commercial entities across a wide spectrum of legal claims, including:

This is just a sampling of the types of claims our law firm handles. Our attorneys can represent clients in virtually every type of business-related dispute they might encounter.

A Strategic, Aggressive Approach

Our track record of successful litigation is built on our strategic approach. Every new case starts with an in-depth discussion with the client, followed by thorough legal analysis. We create a strategy with our clients on how to win and how to do so efficiently.

As a case progresses, we always keep our eye on the bottom line for our client, balancing the financial result of winning against the costs of litigation. We work in tandem with our clients so they have the information and analysis they need to make informed decisions.

When the analysis and discussion are done and it comes time to advocate for our clients in negotiations or in court, our legal team is aggressive and effective. We know the stakes, and we know how to win for our clients.

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