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Oil and gas prospecting, extraction and distribution exist in an extremely complicated legal landscape. Additionally, the investments required to be even marginally involved in the oil and gas business are high stakes.

There is a lot at risk in this industry and even simple errors can prove very costly. The speculation of land, agreement and contract negotiation, real estate matters, and legal assessments all contain the potential for critical errors for oil and gas enterprises. Make sure you have a trusted team of lawyers that can help you navigate this complicated, high-stakes industry.

For the attorneys of Brent Blackstock PLC, oil and gas law is an important part of our focus as a law firm. Lead attorney Brent Blackstock has 40 years of legal experience, and our entire team brings a combination of experience, knowledge and professionalism that helps us provide comprehensive service to our oil and gas business clients.

Our main office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma; we also help clients in Houston, Texas, and throughout the surrounding areas. Our oil and gas clients span both states, and we represent everyone from large, established oil and gas companies to brand new investors and landowners.

Legal Representation Across A Full Spectrum Of Oil And Gas Issues

We represent a variety of clients involved in the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production companies, landowners and mineral rights holders, drilling companies, construction companies, refineries, distribution companies and more. Our services include:

  • Establishing land rights
  • Negotiating drilling transactions, including pre-drilling and post-drilling agreements
  • Advising on corporation commission work agreements
  • Transferring mineral rights
  • Negotiating oil and gas royalty agreements
  • Counseling on surface easements, right of way and the Surface Damages Act
  • Accounting for oil and gas companies
  • Conducting title examinations

Each of these transactional areas requires in-depth knowledge and experience in every aspect of the oil and gas industry. Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and focus and a track record of success to every one of our oil and gas clients.

Complex Oil And Gas Litigation

If transactional matters are complex and high stakes, litigation in the oil and gas industry represents the height of this intensity. When oil and gas disputes arise, our attorneys have exceptional experience in complex oil and gas litigation. We take a strategic, aggressive approach, backed by our knowledge of the industry, always focusing on the bottom line for our clients’ businesses.

We know the stakes involved. We know how costly litigation can be. We know how to obtain favorable results for our clients efficiently.

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