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Protecting The Mineral Rights Of Property Owners

Oil and gas extraction taking place on your land presents a range of complicated issues which require legal advice. If you are a mineral owner seeking reputable counsel and advocacy for your rights, you have found it at Brent Blackstock PLC.

Since 1981, our oil and gas attorneys have protected the mineral rights of individuals and business entities throughout Oklahoma, Texas and the United States. We educate you of your rights, provide highly personal service and develop practical strategies to achieve the outcome you need regarding your mineral rights.

Comprehensive Counsel For Your Oil And Gas Issues

Having represented both mineral owners, and oil and gas companies, we understand both sides of the law in-depth. This assists us in anticipating the oil and gas company’s moves and taking proactive steps for you. A few of the concerns we handle every day for landowners include:

  • Communicating with oil and gas company representatives
  • Negotiating leases
  • Drafting curative documents regarding interests, transfers and payments
  • Negotiating royalty payments
  • Finding lost funds
  • Claiming suspended funds
  • Resolving lease disputes and other conflicts

If you or your property are located in Oklahoma, we can assist you with forced pooling matters involving the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. As litigators, our oil and gas law attorneys are always prepared to take a dispute to state or federal court as needed.

Setting Up The Mineral Rights Of Your Heirs

Someday, you may want to leave a legacy for your family members by transferring your mineral rights to them. We can assist you with strategic estate planning to facilitate your loved ones’ long-term financial success. From affidavits of heirship to transferring ownership rights to an individual or a business, we make sure the rights of the people you love are backed by the law.

Learn How We Can Serve Your Interests

For tenacious advocates for your mineral rights, contact Brent Blackstock PLC today. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact our Tulsa law office at 918-383-6220 or send us an email.